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i lost the working file of my recent hellboy pic due to my own stupidity.. :cries:
i was resampling the psd file to the small jpeg size, n then i saved n closed photoshop b4 i realised wawt i just did. :X  
i went into shock, n i swear i cried right then n there..
its like i lost a part of my life.
its like i NEVER did the painting at all..
like i killed my own baby..
my own flesh n blood..
i am heartbroken..
so all im left with is a losuy low-res jpeg version that u see here..
(if any1 reading is reading this suicide note, ALWAYS CHECK B4 U SAVE N CLOSE UR STUFF!!!! trust me, u dun want to feel this pain..)

to top it off..
my comp died..
its either my video card fried or the motherboard went anal on me..
i cant get a whole new pc cos im broke.
i spent too much money buying kicks these past few months.. >_<
its hell living life without a comp fuck!
i cant play vampirebloodlines.. AARRGHGGHH
i cant paint...
i lost my hellboy...
hellboy killed me..


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1 more st2pid parade n im outa there!!
outof the damn army! WHOO~!!!
i last week of torture in hte hands of sadists...
n then i can relli shout "ORD LOH!!" :D

been putting this off ever since.. ever, so..
:iconmadeincg: :iconhoon: :iconukitakumuki:
(partners in crime)
check em badasses out!!
got my new cpu at last~
its not much, but its value for money.
plus.. i hav wirless modems now,
and can hold LAN sexxions at home!
gona start painting stuff again..
thats it..
im gona stop doing any more stuff on my current comp..
bcos i CANT anymore.. T_T
this piece of rotten shit lags more than it runs..
and it crashes more times than i've shut it down properly..
if i work on it anymore im gona blow a vessel.

do u noe the biggest eraser size my comp can handle on painter b4 it lags is size 19?
ThaT SUXX!!..
(jus an example. u can imagine the rest of the brushes..)
i noe its prolly my fault n u can tell me to defrag or reformat n all tt stuff, but its way past that now.. X(

now im trying to backup my stuff b4 i lose everything.. again~. :(
dreamcast is not dead yet!!! :D :D
i just bought kof2002 for my very dusty dreamcast~
yay!! now, who wants some!!?

even b4 it came out on ps2..
(cost me a bomb though, cos its japan import) T_T..

3... more... months...!!!