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PSFK Conference Asia

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2008, 10:10 PM
PSFK Conference Asia is a creative business event with speakers from companies that include MTV, NASA, and Panasonic; agencies that include Flamingo International, Mindshare, Profero and Wieden + Kennedy; and leading creative visionaries that include Jeff Staple and Mark Dytham.


Great inspirational conference for me at PSFK on the 10th oct last month.
A workshop by Apparel Designer/legend Jeff Staple who shared with us how he made it big in the brutal apparel/design industry by "accident" and gave us valuable advice and reviewed our work as well.
It was followed by a full-day conference with speakers from leading companies in the world who gave their insight on trends and how the future looks to shape up.

Particularly interesting was Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture). He created a sensation in PechaKucha Night, which means chitchat in japanese, where people gather for a show and tell session about anything using a formula of 20 slides x 20 seconds = 6min40sec. No time wasted and no bored audiences with long unprepared speeches this way! It became so popular that over 140 cities around the world holds these sessions regularly.

(top left- workshop by Jeff Staple, bottomleft- panel of speakers at conference, topright-minicooper with psfk sticker,  bottomright- Jeff Staple)

The conference ended with an after party at Superfamous bar,
showcasing a small art exhibition, including IFS.

(left-pepper by artgerm, right-Paul organiser of the event and ringleader of AWE50ME network ,  bottom- friends and artists at the party)

:iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
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IMAGINE PRIME!! (international shipping!)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2007, 12:00 AM
Exclusive limited edition autographed artbook!

International Shipping is now available!!
Grab it now!!

Imagine Prime


You’ve heard whispers in corridors and now it can be revealed. IMAGINE: PRIME, our 246 page sophomore studio artbook is now available! The normal softcover versions are available through your direct comic book specialty shops via the October PREVIEWS catalog.

For Imaginary’s online fans, however, NOW is your chance to get the Exclusive Online Edition! Limited to only 800 copies, this exclusive Hardcover w/dustjacket version is signed by the studio founders (Stanley/Artgerm, Kendrick/Kunkka, Kai/Ukitakumuki and Edmund/Shern).

All this beautifully presented by the Imaginary design team and printed lovingly in one massive artbook.

** To preview the content of the artbook, please click this… **

Special bundle offer is also available for those who wanna get both of the artbooks. :)

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:
:iconwraithdt: :iconchesterocampo: :iconyjianlong: :iconmischievousmartian: :iconpumpkinbear: :iconluches: :iconsaktiisback:
:iconharuningster: :iconhenryz: :iconmeisan: :icon2ngaw: :iconmarkovah: :iconanggasatriohadi: :iconhendryzero:

Call to Artists

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 5, 2007, 4:10 AM
IFS 2.5

Want to be an Imaginary Friend?

Hi everyone!

Imaginary is a studio created by artists for artists. We are looking for people who work hard and play hard, and who have the talent, experience and passion to take things to another level.

Our studio is well structured and open. Collaboration is a critical part of the process.

Everyone has a say and quality always comes first.

This is a not a business. It's a movement.

We now have tremendous opportunities for talented artists to come on board to work on high profile projects in comics, games and major motion pictures.

We are now hiring the following full time positions:

Concept/Production Artists:

Must have outstanding digital illustration capability, and a broad conceptual scope
Knowledge and application of Animation/3D applications a plus
Game/film industry experience preferred
Comic Artists:

Both Line artists and/or Colorists
Ability to deliver realistic art style
Experienced, with published work preferred

All applicants must be based in or willing to relocate to Singapore or Jakarta.

If you think you'd make a good imaginary friend, send your application to

Please include the job title in the email's subject header.

We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:

Comic Con 2007!! (Signing Timings)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 7:56 AM
IFS 2.5

IFS will be there!!
(signing timings below)

Hi all boys n girls, geeks n freeks,
really looking forward to the San Diego Comic-Con
happening next wednesday.

We didn't manage to secure a booth this year,
but we will be signing at Upperdeck,
and at Boom! Studios.
So try to catch us there if you can :)
those going are-

(26jul) 3-4pm -Uperdeck Booth 2829
(27jul-29jul) 1-2pm -Boom! Studios 2453


:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:

IFS Online v.2!! + CGOverdrive in Singapore!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2007, 9:34 AM
IFS 2.5

NEW online home!
NEW artbook!
ONLY at cgoverdrive! (for now)
SCORE on Witchblade project!

Hi all.

1stly, we got a Witchblade gig!
this is a big thing for us especially since we are all top cow fans.
All thanks to the efforts of our very own talented
Sami Basri :iconsami-b: and Sunny Gho :iconsunnygho:.
They will b spearheading the Witchblade Comic project for IFS, and you can read more about the buzz here!…………
2ndly, we are going big this year at CG Overdrive in Singapore.

Launching our 2nd artbook IMAGINE Prime: the art of Imaginary Friends Studios. we are also selling prints, t-shirts, postcards, and ipod skins!

Only for those Singaporeans and those attending the event this time..(YES, the CGO exhibition at the sg Expo is FREE to public, u can come get the book!!)
Everyone outside of singapore, sorry for now :)
but dont worry, cos we we will be selling it worldwide online very soon.
So stay tuned to our website where u can order a copy when it hits!

Which brings me to our next announcement, IFS has renovated our online home!
complete with gallery of what we've been up to, all our artists' bios,
personal galleries, and new blue carpet bg!
do check out our site, all are welcome to our virtual housewarming

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:

welcome to the IFS family

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2007, 7:55 AM
IFS 2.5

it's time!

..been out of action for awhile.
to all u guys who were still around while i've been gone,
thanks for still hanging around
I'll b back to posting more shitz!
very soon!

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:

IFS 2.0

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 15, 2006, 8:52 AM
D . O . T . A

We just moved to our new studio :D
twice the size,
twice the illness!

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat: :iconsunnygho:

4 letters

Sat Apr 8, 2006, 11:20 AM
D . O . T . A

mi crazy about this game
my girlfriend is crazy about this game
my friends r crazy about this game
my whole company is crazy about this game
my ENTIRE country is crazy about this game!!!!

will try to do some art of my fav heroes soon!! :D :D :D

my current top 3 favs:  naga siren, pudge, rougueknight.
name yours~!!

Working with IFs has been really really great.
For one, the projects we were on were stuff i dreamt of being on.
(soulcalibur, warhammer40k, streetfighter to name a few)
i've learnt so much more i would ever learn frm school, or anywhere else i think. Lighting, color theory, and VALUES were things I never knew existed on a conscious level, much less deemed the most important fundementals of art.
And im very very grateful for the guidance of the good ppl of Imaginary friends. Without them, i wouldn't have been able to move along at such a rate.
Not to mention the countless hours of intense gaming. you guys r the best pals i can ever have.
:) damn I love this family!
lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots lots n lots n lots n lots n lots OF WORK going on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on on n on n on n on~
We've listened to the fan feedback and here's the deal. We're absorbing 20% off all international shipping for all orders from 9th-31st July!

Imagine Artbook Info

    Hi fellow Deviants! Some of you may be aware of a few of us coming together to form a studio thingy. Well as our very first project, we've gathered some of our favorite personal pieces and are in the process of printing a very limited edition launch portfolio artbook. The artbook is called IMAGINE: The Art of Imaginary Friends Studios with killer collab cover art by the main partners: :iconartgerm::iconkunkka::iconukitakumuki: The 128 page artbook features more than 20 artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and friends from the USA. Deviants among them include: :iconartgerm::iconkunkka::iconukitakumuki::iconhoon::iconjujika::iconmiroart::iconsunnygho::iconplue::icondcwj::icontorei::icontysontan::icontotemv::iconknightcat::iconkaiz0: Because we really wanted to do these great works justice, we've gone for quality rather than quantity in the face of a limited budget. And how! We're doing 600 dpi printing! Yes you heard it here- 600 dpi!!! That's better than most commercial artbooks and even DA prints! Quantities are really limited though! Do help support our humble little first project or if you simply love the fantastic work these great artists are producing and wanna purchase a copy for purely selfish reasons. Visit to find out more! Thanks so much for supporting your imaginary friends!
we are your imaginary friends~ :)

i havnt been updating recently..  m(_ _)m
but i promise to be back on full juice in 2 weeks time. :D
currently moving back to singapore n other shit.
i hate uprooting n moving..
esp when its jAPan in question.  -__-

Thanks for all you guys support so far ( those whos still wit me anyway)
i gota take that piece of rant off my front page, or it will keep reminding me of it..
i found out (after several days of testing part by part piece by piece)
that its my fuckin MObo with the problem. <--(motherboard)

i kinda wished it was my graphics card, cos then i'd have a good reason to buy meself
a new top of the line gfxcard. but no..
it had to b the damn mobo which has no apparent ''special abilites'' other than to connect
all the other bits n pieces together. in other words, i cant get more RAM, more diskspace, faster processor, nor better graphics. cos i only have enough money to fix whats broken. :p
i lost the working file of my recent hellboy pic due to my own stupidity.. :cries:
i was resampling the psd file to the small jpeg size, n then i saved n closed photoshop b4 i realised wawt i just did. :X  
i went into shock, n i swear i cried right then n there..
its like i lost a part of my life.
its like i NEVER did the painting at all..
like i killed my own baby..
my own flesh n blood..
i am heartbroken..
so all im left with is a losuy low-res jpeg version that u see here..
(if any1 reading is reading this suicide note, ALWAYS CHECK B4 U SAVE N CLOSE UR STUFF!!!! trust me, u dun want to feel this pain..)

to top it off..
my comp died..
its either my video card fried or the motherboard went anal on me..
i cant get a whole new pc cos im broke.
i spent too much money buying kicks these past few months.. >_<
its hell living life without a comp fuck!
i cant play vampirebloodlines.. AARRGHGGHH
i cant paint...
i lost my hellboy...
hellboy killed me..


:iconmadeincg: :iconhoon: :iconmiroart: :iconukitakumuki: :iconnoah-kh: :iconnekroxiii: :iconpeachysticks: :iconartgerm: :iconzephirio: :iconkinston: :iconjasonlan: :iconyukikaze: :iconqiqo:
1 more st2pid parade n im outa there!!
outof the damn army! WHOO~!!!
i last week of torture in hte hands of sadists...
n then i can relli shout "ORD LOH!!" :D

been putting this off ever since.. ever, so..
:iconmadeincg: :iconhoon: :iconukitakumuki:
(partners in crime)
check em badasses out!!
got my new cpu at last~
its not much, but its value for money.
plus.. i hav wirless modems now,
and can hold LAN sexxions at home!
gona start painting stuff again..
thats it..
im gona stop doing any more stuff on my current comp..
bcos i CANT anymore.. T_T
this piece of rotten shit lags more than it runs..
and it crashes more times than i've shut it down properly..
if i work on it anymore im gona blow a vessel.

do u noe the biggest eraser size my comp can handle on painter b4 it lags is size 19?
ThaT SUXX!!..
(jus an example. u can imagine the rest of the brushes..)
i noe its prolly my fault n u can tell me to defrag or reformat n all tt stuff, but its way past that now.. X(

now im trying to backup my stuff b4 i lose everything.. again~. :(
dreamcast is not dead yet!!! :D :D
i just bought kof2002 for my very dusty dreamcast~
yay!! now, who wants some!!?

even b4 it came out on ps2..
(cost me a bomb though, cos its japan import) T_T..

3... more... months...!!!